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Pine Ridge at Blue Lake in Oroville Washington

is a remarkable place. The beauty of Blue Lake compares to no other place in the world. The privacy and serenity is second to none. the explaination for the unique color of Blue Lake is a high alkaline content. The supports the local wildlife and stocked lahotan cutthroat trout. The Fish and Game Department regulates the use of boating, only while you are fishing and hunting. If you are not fishing or hunting there are no restrictions on this lake.
The lake is 1 mile long and 3/4 miles wide. the elevation is at 1600'. The Lake is only 4.5 miles from Oroville and Lake Osoyoos. Oroville is 4 miles south of the Canadian border. There are only 10 owners on the whole lake with a county gravel road that leads up to it, keeping other power boat owners from towing their boats up. The owners keep their boats on site. There is NO requirement to build at any particular time.


Aerial Maps of Pine Ridge at Blue Lake (click the map for a bigger version!)


[ Lot #1 SOLD: $198,000 ]

[ Lot #2 SOLD: $327,000 ]

[ Lot #3 For Sale: $220,000. CLICK HERE! ]


[ Lot #5 SOLD: $307,000 ]

[ Lot #6 SOLD: $300,000 ]

[ Lot #7 SOLD: $265,000 ]

[ Lot #8 SOLD: $298,000 ]

[ Lot #9 Not Available on this site ]

[ Lot #10 SOLD: $299,000 ]

Map From Vancouver, BC

Map From Seattle, WA

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