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Hi Society is an upcoming hip-hop/rap group, based out of Washington state (Spokane). Meeting in 2007, Devin Milligan aka "De`Elegance" and Aaron Pepperworth aka "Kid Cadillac" started writing and recording music. With studio equipment provided by Kid Cadillac the two made a "quick mix-tape" and started performing shows at local venues. Above is the result, currently the group is planning for their next album and quote "the building of an empire" overseas. 
Inspired by smooth rhythm and blues classics of the 80s A-Ron Pepperworth "aka" Kid Cadillac, was always taking control of the stereo. As a child "Kid" started playing the piano and keyboard, by the time he was able to walk it was clear he had a future in the music industry. After graduating Full Sail University in Winter Park Florida state, Kid Cadillac was exceling in his music career. Traveling around the United States and collaborating with different groups he was on the verge of success. It was until one cold winter night he was set up and robbed for his studio equipment. Kid realized things needed a change; a change in scenery, a new group. This was the beginning of Hi society! The group produced multiple mix tapes and an album. Kid is currently living in WA State, in collaboration with Abstrakt Kulture overseas.

Throughout middle school De'Elegance "aka" Abstrakt Kulture was highly influenced by both underground, and mainstream early 90s hip Hop/rap artists. These influences include names like Christopher Wallace, Tupac Shakur, Marshall Mathers, and Earl Stevens. Abstrakt was not only influenced by the words of these artists, but the rhythms, flow, and rhyme scheme. He started "free styling" and writing lyrics at age 13. Four years later he released a "Hi society" mix tape. After graduating high school in Spokane WA, began building his own home studio. With the help of Kid Cadillac the duo created a second label "De'Elegance Productions". This second "home studio" was designed to be mobile. Several mix tapes were made and an album, set to be released mid-2016. With the power to travel and continue producing music, Abstrakt moved around WA state and eventually Hawaii Island. Abstrakt is currently living in HI state, Finishing his first album and continuing collaboration with Kid Cadillac.
D Elegance and Kid Cadillac with "Hi Society". 
Abstrakt Kulture (Devin Milligan)
Personal Cell: (808) 494-4144
Email: abstractculture00@gmail.com
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